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Development quartz glass /cusom-made

development custom-made quartz glass products and Standard laboratory products made of quartz glass.

QCS is offering services for quartz glass products in the following segments:

Quartz glass materials in custom-designed qualities:

  • such as
  • tubes
  • capillaries
  • plates
  • cylinders
  • rods
  • blocks
  • filter plates/frits
  • shaped parts

made of:

  • electro fused quartz sand
  • flame fused quartz sand
  • synthetic fused SiCL4
  • molded SiO2 dispersion

by manufacturing technologies such as:

  • thermal process engineering
  • flame shaping,
  • laser machining,
  • electrical energy,
  • chemical process
  • and mechanical processing with diamond grinding tools and drilling tools.
for the production of semi-finished products such as:
  • tubes
  • capillaries
  • plates
  • cylinders
  • rods
  • blocks
with geometries of:
  • < 1 mm to 800 mm Ø for tubes
  • < 1 mm to 800 mm x 1000 mm for plates
  • up to 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm for blocks
  • up to 300 mm OD for cylinders from 1 mm to 90 mm Ø for rods
  • surface, transmission and resistance according tocustomer requirement
For manufacturing finished products like
contour laser welded tubes and plates up to 3000 mm long for tubes and up to 8 mm thick, and 2000 mm long for plate up to 10 mm thick. ground and polished quartz parts up to a diagonal length of 500 mm and a plane parallelism of 1“, a surface accuracy to λ/10 and a thickness tolerance of ±1 μ for manufacturing planeparallel plates, windows, wedge gibs, optical rods, optical filters (according to Schott specification), reflecting prisms, Dove prisms, pentaprisms, lenses with Ø 2 mm - 250 mm, optical lenses, convex lenses, concave lenses, and cylindrical lenses.
IR sources of radiationin the short-wave/medium-wave/long-wave range in circular tubes, twin tubes, key tubes and pipe coils with a length of 30 to 6000 mm and a power of 0.2 to 6 KW including the respective control elements and power output elements, as resistance wires and carbon element heaters with reflectors as well as without reflectors made of gold (heat-resistant up to ~600 °C) or made of SiO2 (heat-resistant up to ~1000 °C). molded SiO2 dispersionfor manufacturing medium and large quantities of optical components such as sperical components and asperical components, mainly used in the ultraviolet technology, vessels and reactions vessels closed to one side for analytic purposes, inspection glasses up to Ø 90mm, and frits and flanges up to NW100 with the highest possible analytical purity of a synthetic material.

Filters made of quartz glass/frits
with ultimate purity for applications demanding a high degree of purity and temperature resistance up to 250 mm in diameter and a square-cut geometry f 400 mm x 200 mm with a porosity of 00 to 4. opaque materialas plate material with a geometry of 500 mm x 500 mm x 60 mm and 850 mm x 250 mm x 60 mm, and as tube material with Ø 650 mm x H 60 mm at maximum.
Flanges made of opaque material can be manufactured on request.

Quartz glass woolof highest purity in bulk quality and mats with different fiber thicknesses/dimensions.

Heat-molded productslike crucibles, beakers, bowls, flasks, standard ground joints, valves, threads, coils, and any sort of customer requests.

Complete equipment and apparatus
including electronic drive and control technology such as: quartz glass immersion heaters, surface evaporators, quartz glass distillators for H2O and acids, Wickbold disintegration apparatus, heating elements protected by quartz glass.

Developing and designing of custom-made products and special designs
in collaboration with our customers working in the chemical industry, physics, laboratories and other industrial sectors.

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