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PTS Laboratories operates a full-service photography lab experienced at providing visible and ultraviolet (UV) imaging for both print and digital photography. Our facilities are fully equipped with equipment customized for the display of images captured from soils, unconsolidated sediments and rock cores. Extreme care is taken to color match the actual core with digital images and prints. With over thirty years of experience creating accurate visual records of subsurface materials, PTS continues to improve the methodology. Our technical capability is demonstrated by our development of a new procedure where ultraviolet light photographs are color corrected to allow a clear distinction between hydrocarbon zones and clay laminations.

Digital Core Photography is used for:

  • Index properties and field log correlation
  • Site cross section correlation
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Litigation support
  • Future drilling investigations
  • Regulatory agency requirements
  • Ease of study
  • Permanent recordsROST (LIF) Correlation

Cores are handled cryogenically and cut open (slabbed) on PTS designed and built equipment. Frozen core is cut open using a horizontal band saw with a diamond-segmented blade. After cutting the slabbed core is cleaned and prepared for photography. Cores are typically slabbed into ¼-¾ sections providing enough bulk rock for lithologic description and plenty of material for the analytical work.

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