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Imagine having no option but to endanger your family’s health and poison your environment every time you had to use the bathroom. This is the reality for over 75% of Haiti’s population who lack access to safe sanitation, and it’s where SOIL’s work began: with simple, safe, ecofriendly composting toilets.

SOIL is working to transform conditions in Haiti with both short-term projects that address critical needs, as well as a long-term strategy to expand sanitation access through the development of social business pilots, with the goal of designing, implementing, and disseminating globally-replicable models that bring affordable sanitation services to vulnerable urban communities around the world.

Through EkoLakay, SOIL’s household toilet social business pilot, customers pay a small monthly fee for a locally-made EcoSan toilet in their home, which is serviced by SOIL each week. The service includes collecting full waste receptacles and replacing them with empty sanitized ones, as well as replenishing a supply of cover material (used for “flushing” a dry toilet). Want to learn more? Check out this page about SOIL’s dedication to innovation.

EkoMobil is SOIL’s portable toilet social business pilot. Using both traditional portable toilets retrofitted to use EcoSan, as well as original models made with local supplies, SOIL provides safe, dignified EcoSan toilets and waste treatment services for community events, construction sites, and other activities around Haiti. These toilets help SOIL earn revenue critical for operating public toilets while also demonstrating the desirability of EcoSan toilets to a larger market base in Haiti. Please contact SOIL to request a quote for EkoMobil rentals for your event.


  • SOIL continues to provide humanitarian relief in some of Haiti’s most vulnerable communities – notably those that have been particularly impacted by the cholera epidemic.
  • Thousands of people are currently accessing a SOIL EcoSan toilet through the EkoLakay business pilot, and more people are signing up daily, thus demonstrating the market demand for affordable sanitation in even the world’s most impoverished communities.
  • EkoMobil rentals have generated substational income to support SOIL’s humanitarian relief and research efforts.

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