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DILO Rental Devices


The ideal rental option for temporary use. In case service and measuring devices are only needed for a short period of time it is possible to rent our devices. The complete equipment fulfils the necessary requirements of the IEC 62271-4 directive (recovery of SF6 gas to min. 20 mbar). Almost all rental devices allow SF6 gas recovery down to < 1 mbar.

he advantages of a rental are as follows:

  • Fast availability of the devices.
  • Possibility for our customers to become familiar with the devices before buying them.
  • Delivery of the devices with suitable adapters for connecting the gas compartment.

Our customers can choose rental Equipment from a wide selection of Units which include:

  • Measuring devices for tracing leaks
  • Measuring devices for Determination of the SF6 gas Quality
  • Pre-filter units
  • Devices for automatic testing of switching points in density monitors
  • Vacuum pump unit and suction pump Units
  • Service carts for liquid gas storage
  • Gas mixing Units for SF6/N2
  • Storage tanks, bottles for reuse gas
  • Weighing scales and flow meters
  • SF6/N2 separating units

We also carry out Training of operating personnel on site or can propose complete gas handling work to be carried out by qualified DILO personnel.

For providing service carts or other SF6 units such as vacuum pumps for rental, a declaration of contamination of devices and components needs to be completed by the customer and returned to us.

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