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Cascade Drilling's fleet of Geoprobe equipment includes rigs as small as a 420M and 54LT up to the full sized 8040DT. These systems can be used to perform subsurface soil, water or vapor surveys. They are capable of obtaining soil and groundwater samples, installing standard monitoring wells, pre-packed monitoring wells and have geotechnical capabilities when equipped with 140# hammer. They can drill and set piezometers, inclinometers, vapor points, and inject a variety of remediation compounds.

Advantages of direct-push sampling include minimizing investigation derived waste production, minimal disturbance to samples, increases speed of site characterization and can provide on-site analysis and results.

Monitoring wells of up to 4' in diameter can be installed in the right subsurface conditions. The type of well completion will depend on the soil characteristics and the objective of the project.

Soils samples can be collected in clear plastic (PVC), Teflon (PTFE), brass, or stainless steel liners, depending on project requirements. These liners can easily be capped and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Groundwater samples can be collected utilizing Screen points, Mill-slotted well points, Peristaltic pumps, Tubing and Check Valves and Mini bailers. The method to be chosen for groundwater collection depends on the aquifer's characteristics, sample contaminants and the objectives of the project. The Geoprobe® PRT (Post Run Tubing System) system can be used for soil-vapor collection utilizing a three-way valve connected to the tubing running from the bottom of the boring, one to the purging pump and the other to the sampling container for an undisturbed soil vapor sample. Cascade also provides many other tooling and material configurations for sub-slab sampling as well.

Dual Tube Sampling Systems are widely used. Dual tube sampling uses two sets of probe rods to collect continuous soil samples. Here the benefit is faster sampling in intervals over 20-feet in both saturated and unsaturated zones. We can then set monitoring wells through outer casing after the collection of soil and perform bottom-up pressure grouting while retracting the outer casing.

Direct push technology is a cost effective alternative to Sonic, Air or Auger technologies where subsurface conditions allow.

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