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Directive 2002/49/EC · environmental noise · consultants

Directive 2002/49/EC: Although some previous approaches had been made, the main international agreement, definitions, and basis for noise mapping were born in relation to the Environmental Noise Directive of the European Parliament and Council (Directive 2002/49/EC of 25 June 2002, commonly referred to as 'the END'). EU Member States are required to produce strategic noise maps in their main cities, near the main transport infrastructures and near industrial sites. The main goals of the END are to make a diagnosis of noise pollution in Europe that can lead to action plans, and a noise management that can be implemented in terms of action plans and acoustical planning. The term 'strategic' is very important in this definition, because the management of environmental noise must be made for the long-term in a full area. Canarina Environmental Software provides environmental consultancy services for projects involving the assessment of environmental noise.

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