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Disaster Mitigation Program



Disaster: an event that causes great distress or destruction. Disaster Mitigation: action taken to eliminate or minimise the impact of a disaster on people, property and the environment.

Overview of the Disaster Mitigation Progam
The Disaster Mitigation Program was established by the Australian Bureau Of Meteorology in early 2003. It is a program that links activities within the Bureau Of Meteorology's Severe Weather, Water and Climate areas.

Primary Goals of the Program

  • To ensure that the Bureau's warning services are understood by the community and acted upon appropriately
  • To interact with other Commonwealth and State agencies in the joint provision of Disaster Mitigation services
  • To support international disaster mitigation activities

Disaster Mitigation and Warnings
The primary goal of the Disaster Mitigation Program supports the Bureau's vision:

  • To provide Australians with environmental intelligence for safety, sustainability, well-being and prosperity.
  • In the Disaster Mitigation context, this means the provision of timely, effective and easily accessible warnings services of weather conditions likely to endanger life and property, disrupt normal community activity or otherwise have a major adverse social or economic impact.

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