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Disaster Response and Recovery


Our preparation for, and execution and delivery of, disaster response and recovery, is rooted in the emergency response services SWS has been providing for decades.Services of this nature typically require an extensive array of resources - heavy equipment, specialized equipment, trained personnel, and financial strength. Those core elements, along with strategic geographic positioning, logistical expertise, modern communications and total readiness, have allowed us to become a leader in both the disaster and emergency response industry.


SWS has provided response, recovery and cleanup services in support of some of the nation’s greatest disasters including Hurricanes Andrew, Charlie, Ivan, Katrina, Opal, Rita and Wilma; Forest fires across the State of Florida; Major river floods the last decade in Alabama, Illinois and Mississippi, The World Trade Center terrorist attack on September 11th; and Anthrax contamination at United States Postal Facilities in 2001.

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