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Disinfection of Potable Water Pipes and Tanks



Choosing the right disinfection method. Microbiological substances contaminating potable water are a serious public health risk and need to be eliminated from water pipe systems and tanks in an appropriate way. It is evident that no single disinfection method can meet all the treatment objectives. MTA Messtechnik will gladly advise you on the suitable disinfection technology for your needs.


First step is a cleaning procedure for the pipeline system by means of Air-Water Jetting in order to remove deposits followed by a suitable disinfection procedure depending on the substances to be eliminated and the degree of contamination.

At the same time a pressure test will be carried out. Finally the pipes will be flushed with fresh water and samples will be taken. An independent laboratory for food analysis verifies the samples and issues a certificate.

  • No formation of organic chlorine compounds
  • No inactivation before discharge into the canal needed
  • Detachment of the biofilm
  • Individual procedures by combining various CARELA products
  • Possible residual levels of disinfectant decompose into oxygen and water

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