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Dispersion Modeling Services


Meteorological Solutions Inc. modelers are committed meteorologists and have the technical knowledge to perform a wide range of dispersion modeling analyses. A combination of our understanding of meteorological data, computer programming, and experience in designing and executing model validation field studies all contribute to our knowledge of these models. Our modelers keep up with the latest EPA National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and know what it takes to model all pollutants including the challenging 1-hour Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) standards.

Common analyses performed include:

  • Near-Field Impacts (AERMOD)
  • Long-Range transport (CALPUFF/CALMET)
  • Visibility Assessments (plume and haze)
  • New or Modified Source Review
  • Class I and II Impacts
  • PSD and AQRV Impacts
  • Compliance With NAAQS and PSD Standards
  • Secondary Pollutant Formation
  • Deposition (wet and dry)
  • Accidental Release
  • Unconventional Source Release (i.e. Static Rocket Test)
  • Criteria, Non-Criteria, and HAPS

MSI meteorologists are able to provide the meteorological insight and quality assurance experience that will assure an accurate modeling simulation. Our permitting staff have extensive experience interfacing with State and local officials, Federal Land Managers, and the EPA. We have submitted and obtained approval of numerous modeling protocols and dispersion modeling analyses. For PSD applications, MSI works with clients to design and integrated a monitoring network that will meet EPA and State requirements.

Meteorological Solutions Inc. believes that using the latest technology provides our customers with a superior product. Our modelers are equipped with high end workstations and the latest visualization software. MSI owns numerous photographic quality color printers which are used to produce informative and detailed modeling graphics. MSI has over 50 terabytes digital storage and backup. We have an extensive in-house library of upper air and surface meteorological data and 12 km resolution 3D.DAT data (formatted from MM5 and WRF datasets) for the entire continental United States for use in CALMET.

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