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Accidental release of toxic and flammable substances is one of the largest contributors to the hazards of most industrial and offshore facilities. Assessing the consequences and risks of such accidental releases is essential in any risk assessment for both onsite and offsite effects.

Gexcon’s consultants can help you assess those hazards and minimise their probability of occurrence.  Our competences in assessing the practical implications of toxic and flammable releases, as well as our skills in modelling, will ensure an optimal solution that suits your operation. Gexcon has extensive capabilities in the use CFD tools like FLACS and empirical models like PHAST to assess hazardous consequences of toxic and flammable releases.

Gexcon can help you with both specialised dispersion case studies and standardised dispersion assessment. For a given release hazard there is an optimal way of assessing the consequences. The high competence level of Gexcon consultants ensures that you get the most optimal solution for your situation. Based on your situation and interests, for example, whether it is inside a building, onsite or considering the effects on neighbouring facilities, we will select the most appropriate modelling approach.

Gexcon can help you with specialised dispersion case studies as well as services in the following fields:

  • Gas detector layout optimisation
  • Cryogenic release dispersion
  • Exhaust fume and flare dispersion
  • Toxic gas dispersion
  • Flammable gas dispersion
  • Nuclear material dispersion

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