Logic Energy Ltd.

Logic Energy Ltd.

Displays for Industry and Manufacturing-Services


 Production, Energy, Asset and Resource Monitoring, anything that it is vital to your business we can monitor it, automatically analyse the data and showcase it to you in a quick and simple summary display.

  • Production performance, raise staff awareness
  • Ideal link to staff training on energy and resource management
  • Full integration with your organisation’s website
  • Your statistics always with you on the go
  • Online Charts + Reports, easy to Export
  • Meet your Carbon Reduction/ Energy Efficiency (CRC) commitments
  • Remote Fully Managed Web System

Logic Energy custom displays are designed to quickly and  efficiently answer all your performance and management questions. Whether it is production performance on manufacturing lines, energy efficiency from different areas of your business or ambient conditions in the warehouse, we can monitor it and deliver the information in they way you need it.

Customisable Displays and Widgets

Logic Energy’s highly interactive web-page style ‘dashboards’ allow students, employees and other stakeholders to learn more about their energy and resource use – increasing engagement with environmental issues and resource management strategies. Each display is uniquely designed to speak directly to your target audience, giving the type of information (and as much or as little) as you require, and using a wide variety of graphical and illustrative tools.

Full Integration with your Organisation’s website

With a potential to fully integrate with your organisation’s web-page your display can help you to promote your organisation to a world-wide audience.

There is no limit to the number of displays you can have – The system has the potential for every student or employee to access it directly from their PC. No need to install any specialist software – All you need is a web-browser get Live access to your data: It’s as easy as having an email account.

Back-office web management portal

With LeSENSE web management portal you have access to detailed information of your assets any time, set-up alerts and most importantly compare results from different areas or sites.

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