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Distinctive Service


Alongside the quality of our components and systems, Pure Water Group distinguishes itself with an extensive package of services.

Pure Water Group is authorized by Ionpure to present training sessions in the field of Ionpure products to OEM's and end-users.

To its clients Pure Water Group provides a perfect installation of all supplied components and systems on location.

Maintenance and service
Pure Water Group offers several services and (preventive) maintenance for the delivered equipment. The systems, the process and the water composition is checked and if needed the settings are adjusted. Obviously a service-contract with economic conditions can be arranged.

Advice and support
Our project engineers are happy to perform the calculations for the correct capacity of systems according the client’s requirements. Alongside, during maintenance and service-visits our qualified service personnel make technical recommendations about the economic management of your water treatment system. This includes water- and energy saving, the re-use of water, the economic life time of consumables and the durability of membranes.

Documentation, qualification and validation
All water purification plants are supplied with a documents binder as required. This includes at least an installation, operation and maintenance manual, certificates, schedules, diagrams and spare parts lists. Water systems for haemodialysis and pharmaceutical application are handed-over including qualification and validation in accordance with actual guidelines and requirements.

Cleaning and disinfection
Due to certain conditions, membranes and systems can become fouled and scaled. For instance by organic substances including micro-organisms and/or precipitation of calcium, magnesium or silicates. Pure Water Group has the specific expertise for cleaning and disinfection of your equipment.

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