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Protection against flooding, rerouting of sewerage systems and drainlaying in open land. MT Højgaard can help you carry out any type of drainlaying and flood protection work.

When sewers overflow
At those times of year when rain storms are prevalent and cloudbursts occur, sewers can quickly overflow, and roads and the basements of buildings are at risk of flooding. MT Højgaard can help you with your drainlaying and flood protection work.

Help with any kind of drainlaying work
We have the necessary competences to carry out all kinds of drainlaying work, including drainlaying in open land, establishment of new sewers or renovation and rerouting of sewerage systems down to a depth of five or six metres.

We can also establish pumping stations and wells and handle large components such as concrete pipes and plastic pipes.

Optimal flood protection
We can also provide you with flood protection. The project is prepared in close collaboration with you so that you get the optimal solution for your specific project.

You can get help with:

  • rainwater management
  • tunnelling
  • renovating and establishing sewerage systems
  • building canals in urban areas and open land
  • establishing harbour outlets and sluices to allow surplus rainwater to run into harbours and canals

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