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ERS Corporation

Dredging Services

ERS personnel have substantial expertise supporting a variety of dredging projects for large and small operating ports. Our experience ranges from large seaports to smaller freshwater ports. These dredging projects include a variety of objectives, including deepening, maintenance, and remediation.

Dredging is a complicated endeavor with multiple potential risks that require careful, thoughtful, and expert analysis. Managing these risks begins with addressing public and regulator concerns and extends to EIR/EIS compliance, in-water work, sediment handling and treatment, water management and discharge, and monitoring sediment placement.

We have prepared permit applications incorporating specific dredging, material management, and remediation methodologies. We bring experience with dredge remediation efforts at Navy and Port dock operations involving metals, pesticides, dioxins, debris, and salinity issues.

We have evaluated the environmental impacts, benefits, and costs of bucket and hydraulic dredging, and debris recovery technologies. We employ our hydrology, geochemistry, and hydrogeology expertise to evaluate threats to surface and ground water posed by dredging and upland placement and reuse of sediments.

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