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Drinking Water Treatment Services


The treatment of drinking has two key focuses: Adequate quantities supplied to meet customer needs. Drinking water that is safe to use. In order to meet these key requirements the design of the treatment works must meet strict and often tight specifications. The proposed treatment process must be proven to deal with the threats and cater for capacity requirements. In order to achieve these goals, the characteristics of the source water must be known including seasonal variations such as algal growth in open reservoirs, lakes and rivers. Algal growth can cause significant treatment and costly issues. Where possible avoid or minimise the use of chemicals in water. It is not possible to avoid the use of chemicals entirely, because the WHO require free chlorine residuals of a minimum level of 0.2mg/L at points of use.

Whatever treatment is proposed it MUST control threats to human and animal health. These threats derive from chemicals, biological pathogens, and radiation. So sources must be chosen with care and where a groundwater source giving adequate volumes on pump tests and is devoid of chemical and radiological hazards then this I the source of choice. 

Sources in order of preference (costs of treatment and Quality): groundwater>surface water>sea water.

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