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Drug Discovery and Development


RightLeftFor more than 50 years, drug discovery and development has been one of our core research activities. We work with pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to bring new medicines to market, and to ensure the safety and efficacy of those in the marketplace. Our in-depth experience, commitment to excellence, and state-of-the-art facilities make us a valuable resource.

Drug Discovery

  • Our drug discovery group specializes in central nervous system drug research. Among our substantial achievements are the discoveries of the life-saving anti-cancer compounds Taxol and camptothecin as well as other major products for a variety of clients.

Drug Development Services

  • We offer high-quality, non-clinical drug development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries. Our integrated capabilities include drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, toxicology, bioanalytical services, and analytical and formulation development services.

Clinical Research

  • We provide scientifically rigorous research and consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies through RTI Health Solutions, a business unit of RTI International.

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