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Drumless Delivery Services


U.S. Water's Drumless Delivery Program is designed to greatly reduce the hazards and liability associated with chemical treatment. With drumless delivery, your plant personnel no longer need to handle drums and totes of chemical. Our totes remain on-site. When you're running low, simply call your U.S. Water representative and we'll handle deliveries, transfers and ensure the right chemical is delivered in the right amount the right way.

Our dedicated fleet of ISO 9001 registered delivery personnel are trained to adhere to our ISO standards regarding safety, quality assurance and environmental practices. These standards are subjected to annual audits, meaning your quality assured product will be delivered to the correct location, in the right amount, at the right time, in a safe manner and without risk to your staff. Having our industry leading delivery personnel handle your chemicals allows your staff to focus on what they do best; running your facility.

Our drumless delivery program can:

  • Eliminate Storage and Disposal of Empty Chemical Tanks
  • Reduce Chemical Handling Hazards & Liability
  • Deliver Chemical Direct to Your Tank

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