Dryer Rebuilds Services


Durr MEGTEC, LLC (Dürr MEGTEC) can identify drying process deficiencies, evaluate and model performance improvements that will save energy and improve dryer efficiency.

Process/product flexibility

You may have either changed products or formulations for your existing dryer configuration or purchased a dryer that is no longer suited to your needs resulting in lower quality products or production levels. Dürr MEGTEC can recommend upgrades to make your process run at high efficiency and fit with your process needs.

Improved air bar technology

Optimizing heat transfer saves you money and improves performance.

Air bar upgrades can:

  • Eliminate web turbulence
  • Eliminate edge curl
  • Provide better heat transfer and web stability
  • Increase production speeds

We can coat your air bars with a variety of coatings for easier cleanup with an easy-touse air bar cleaning tool that can be pushed or pulled along the length of the air bar. Air bars are available in a variety of construction materials and over 400 in. (10.16 m) long.

  • Air bar styles
  • Hi-Float®
  • Coanda
  • Dual-Dry®
  • StepFoil®

Air bar sizes

  • 1X
  • 2X
  • 3X
  • 4X

  • Humidity control. You may be running at an excessive exhaust rate. Dürr MEGTEC may recommend an automated closed-loop AC drive or auto-damper to save you energy.
  • Make-up air control. When controlling your makeup air, you may be unnecessarily heating make-up air which ends up costing you money.
  • Improved thermal efficiency. Replacement of cracked or missing seals, gaskets or flex ducts will improve the efficiency of your equipment.
  • Improved energy efficiency with variable frequency drive upgrades. If your fixed exhaust damper position is closed 20% or more, retrofitting to a VFD may increase energy efficiency.

  • Air bar/nozzle upgrades
  • Air handling optimization
  • Drying efficiency improvements
  • Exhaust reduction
  • Dryer heat sources
  • Configuration upgrades
  • Repair and refurbishment

We provide support of Dürr MEGTEC or other dryer/oven brands in roll support, flotation, catenary or specialty process models.

  • MEGTEC Systems
  • Tec Systems
  • Thermo Wisconsin
  • Thermo Web Systems
  • Overly
  • AER
  • Web Systems
  • Ross

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