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ETA-Florence uses special techniques of economic and financial nature for the evaluation of investments: to determine the acceptability of a project compared to set standard values; to compare alternative projects, ie determine a priority list of investment proposals. The usefulness of a project is measured by returns that can be classified into direct and indirect, perceptible and intangible.

Thanks to the deeper level of multidisciplinary expertise gained in technical, administrative and economic environments, ETA Florence is able to assist its clients in the process of assessing the sustainability and affordability of a service initiative.

Due Diligence is an independent evaluation technique  for an existing asset or a project to be carried out. In the first case, the functional capacity compliance to regulations and the need for any adjustments are examined; in the second an assessment  is made of the completeness of documents, the existence and effectiveness of authorization documents, the technical suitability of the project to meet its planned objectives.

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