Environmental Scientifics Group

Dust and Air Investigations Service



ESG have wide experience in designing monitoring solutions to a range of environmental problems commonly encountered in the workplace and wider environment including air quality, building hygiene, occupational and nuisance dust monitoring and a range of other environmental and occupational health issues. This work is backed up by our in-house UKAS accredited laboratories.

Our work in this field includes:

  • Occupational hygiene monitoring of workplace exposures to dust and other substances hazardous to health, in accordance with COSHH and HSE regulations and guidance
  • Nuisance dust monitoring for construction and development projects including long term deposition monitoring and boundary monitoring schemes
  • Undertaking COSHH assessments of workplace exposures to substances hazardous to health
  • Spike investigations, monitoring, surveys and risk assessments for the presence of migrating gases
  • Bio-monitoring and other microbiological assessments of clean rooms

Work within these fields is carried out to relevant standards including HSE guidance.

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