Ver-tech Air Quality

Dust and Baghouse Filter Cleaning Services


Ver-tech uses a strict quality control process to insure your filters are clean and serviceable. Cleaned bags and filters are inspected for proper size, holes, and general serviceability. Filters are randomly checked for air flow. Unserviceable filters are discarded or returned to the customer. Unserviceable filters are marked and segregated, if returned to customer.

Cleaned filters are boxed & labeled on each carton:

  • Company name and address
  • Filter size and quantity
  • Baghouse number, if provided
  • Purchase
  • Customer part number

  • Clean and restore your baghouse and dust collector filters to like new condition.
  • Ver-tech guarantees no shrinkage of the filters.
  • Ver-tech uses specially formulated soaps and detergents to remove the toughest substances, including adhesives and glue.
  • Ver-tech will sanitize filters used in food processing plants.
  • Ver-tech only charges you for serviceable filters that are returned to you.

Ver-tech is equipped with industrial washers and dryers to clean your baghouse filters quickly and inexpensively.

Our Ver-tech Laboratory industrial chemical business provides specially formulated soaps and detergents to handle the toughest cleaning problems, including adhesives.

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