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e4sciences|Earthworks LLC

- Seismic Monitoring Services


Seismic monitoring — Monitor earthquakes, volcanic vents & fissures, hydraulic fracturing. Blast vibrations — Monitor ground vibrations for rock blasting, traffic, earthquakes & landslides. Displacements — Monitor the displacements & accelerations on a bridge, tunnel, or dock.

  • Water elevation — Monitor water elevations for tides, floods, storm surge & waves
  • Air gaps — Monitor tidal elevations, span displacements & bridge traffic
  • Temperature — Monitor temperature in air, in water & on structure
  • Pressure — Measure wave heights, pore pressures & hydraulic pressures
  • Water properties monitoring — Monitor the physical & chemical properties of water
  • Structural-health monitoring — Monitor the accelerations, displacements & fractures in a structure near or in waterways
  • Ecosystem monitoring — Monitor the properties, fluxes & population dynamics in riparian & estuarine ecosystems

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