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Eco-Industrial ecology is often referred to as the science of sustainability. Industrial ecology attempts to manage the environmental impacts of business and industry as if they were ecological systems. The primary foci for industrial ecology are in waste reduction or elimination, improved efficiency and environmental quality management.

The tools of industrial ecology include: industrial metabolism (which manages material flows), input-output analysis (which manages energy flows), design for environment (which manages environmental impacts pertaining to project design), life cycle analysis (which manages environmental impacts during the life of a product) and pollution prevention (which identifies ways to prevent pollution).

Industrial ecology represents a consistent attempt to merge environment and business priorities. By using business management practices to evaluate environmental practices, it is possible to find cost effective environmental solutions that can be incorporated into business terms.

ERIN Consulting is a leader in western Canada in the application of eco-industrial development including eco-industrial auditing and the design of eco-industrial parks.

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