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As part of your business activities, you generate wastewater containing organic matter or other effluent. SUEZ enables you to leverage the treatment quality of a wastewater plant without any need to invest -- a tried-and-tested concept that has been supporting industry for over 15 years.

Flexible implementation with no changes to your process or organization

Ecoflow offers continuous service provision over 52 weeks a year and works either with your own approved transport system or via an approved transport company we recommend. Controlled by an effective management system in compliance with the most stringent HSQE rules, Ecoflow helps meet compliance requirements.

When to use EcoflowEmergencies 
  • Ensure the continuity of your production 
  • Carry out detailed effluent acceptance analyses
  • Gain access to a nationwide network of receiving plants suited to the characteristics of your effluent 
Variations in effluent 
  • Treat your effluent without any investment 
  • Improve management of your site's discharges 
  • Benefit from the support of an expert capable of troubleshooting and proposing solutions tailored to your needs 
Resources protection 
  • Leverage a long-term partnership for managing your effluent 
  • Gain access to receiving plants offering an alternative to incineration
  • Recover your waste and thereby enable the receiving plant to increase its treatment performance

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