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The National Legislation Service allows you to access EcoLog's database of Canada's more than 2,100 federal, provincial and territorial environmental, oh&s, and workers' compensation Acts, regulations, guidelines and codes of practice. That is more than 20,900 pages of compliance information that is updated and consolidated every month.

As a subscriber, you can bookmark the legislation that is important to you and receive an e-mail alert when that bookmarked legislation has been amended or replaced. The environmental legislation is organized by relevant topics such as 'air', 'water' or 'waste'. As a subscriber, you also receive an e-newsletter twice per week, updating you on recent developments, government announcements, and relevant news from industry and organizations. A monthly newsletter alerts you to upcoming environmental, oh&s, and workers' compensation legislation across Canada before it becomes law and is incorporated into EcoLog's legislative database.

And EcoLaws' easy-to-use search engine allows you to find what you need quickly and easily. You can search for and instantly find any word, phrase or string of characters in the entire environmental and oh&s legislative database. Or you can search by jurisdiction and by legislation.

Subscribers to the EcoLaws Service also receive access to content from newsletter, newsletter, magazine, magazine, EcoLog's daily news articles and 10 years of archived articles.

A Regional Legislation Service is also available.

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