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Wetlands, rivers, forests, estuaries, lakes and meadows – all are highly valuable ecosystems critical to the enhancement and protection of wildlife, habitat, water quality and recreation. They are also the first places to be affected by toxic releases and spills, land disturbance and development, or air and water discharges. Advanced GeoServices provides strategic and targeted responses to such impacts through ecosystem based understanding of the myriad inter-relationships involved.

With renewed emphasis on ecosystem/habitat issues as they relate to recreational resources and environmental impacts on flora and fauna, Advanced GeoServices has become a leader in ecosystem-scale protection and/or restoration of natural, degraded, or contaminated areas. This includes the identification, collection and analysis of indicator organisms, and correlating potential and/or actual environmental exposure impacts to aquatic and terrestrial contaminant/physico-chemical sources.

More stringent rules concerning nutrient discharge criteria, land disturbance, sedimentation effects and physico-chemical/thermal discharges have refocused attention on performance based permitting for environmental results as opposed to simply meeting site-specific standards and criteria. Advanced GeoServices’ scientists and engineers are experienced in cause and effect screening techniques at the ecosystem, habitat and/or organism-specific level to evaluate water quality, wetland impacts, increased eutrophication, terrestrial and wildlife impacts, and suspended and bedded sediments. Advanced GeoServices can also take these studies to the next level, providing aquatic and terrestrial habitat restoration when needed.

In addition, Advanced GeoServices’ sophisticated Geographic Information System (GIS) is often used to organize and evaluate the typically complex, multifaceted data collected in such ecological/biological field studies.

Evaluation and Assessment

  • Water Quality/TMDL Criteria
  • Fisheries
  • Wetlands
  • Aquatic/Terrestrial Habitats
  • Upstream/Downstream Differentiators
  • Bird and Bat Surveys
  • Suspended and Bedded Sediments
  • Bioassay of Fish, Plankton & Benthos
  • Aquatic Toxicology
  • Dredge Spoils

Ecosystem Restoration & Mitigation

  • Wetlands Creation & Banking
  • Habitat Conservation
  • Brownfields Development
  • Landscape Design
  • Alternative Land Use
  • Floodplain/Riparian Buffers
  • Site Reclamation
  • Invasive Species Control

Impact Analysis

  • Intake Withdrawal and Discharge Zones
  • Wind farm Installations
  • Cooling Towers
  • Site Development
  • Once Through Cooling
  • Greenfield Development
  • Right-of-Way Corridors
  • Siting, Stream Crossings
  • Toxic Spills and Releases
  • Wetlands Encroachment
  • Fish Advisories
  • Risk Management and Communication
  • Natural Resource Damages
  • Port & Harbor Dredging

Planning & Permitting

  • NEPA
  • NRDA
  • Endangered Species
  • Greenways Planning
  • Trails and Signage
  • 316 (a) & (b)
  • ESAs

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