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Corvus Consulting

Ecological Survey & Assessment


We offer the following range of ecological services: all surveyors are fully licensed for all major plant and animal groups as required: Ecological Site Assessment, Ecological Impact Assessment, Article 6 Assessment, Mitigation Plans & Contracting, Phase 1 and Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys, National Vegetation Classification Surveys, Aquatic Invertebrate Surveys and Water Quality Assessments, Hedgerow Surveys, River Corridor Surveys, BTO Common and Breeding Bird Surveys, Brown & Shepherd Upland Surveys, Vantage Point Watches, Collision Risk Modelling. Protected Species Surveys (e.g. badgers, bats, hares, lizards, newts etc.) to Government Standards, Protected Species Relocation. Development of site management plans, Provision of specialist advice on habitat or species management issues.

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