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Electrical Safety Audits Service


An electrical safety audit is a systematic procedure to evaluate potential electrical hazards, and to recommend measures to minimise/prevent these hazards (i.e. electrical shocks, electrical arcs, and electrical blasts). An electrical safety audit is a loss prevention program - property/production loss (e.g. electrical fire hazards), and loss of life/injuries to personnel. Observations can be classified into 5 major areas: i) Design features ii) Maintenance aspects iii) Training needs iv) Facilities and Procedures v) Management commitment. Recommendations as identified in the audit shall be implemented on a time bound program, and they shall be closely monitored for timely completion.

An electrical safety audit is mandated by Clause of the Canadian Standard CSA Z462 to ensure that the principles and procedures of the electrical safety program are being followed.  When the audit determines that the principles and procedures of the electrical safety program are not being followed, appropriate revisions will be brought to the attention of the facility personnel.   Arc Flash Advisors recommends yearly inspections of the electrical safety procedures, as well as the safety of the electrical equipment, against the corresponding Canadian codes and standards (e.g. CSA Z462, CEC C22.1) in order to ensure the safety of the personnel, increased reliability and efficiency of the power system, as well as to keep the facility's electrical safety program and maintenance procedures up to date with the latest electrical standards. 

If required, modifications to the power system and facility resulting in an electrically safer working environment and reduced potential damage to the electrical equipment will be recommended and if required, executed by Arc Flash Advisors, such as electrical safety tools, arc resistant switchgear installation, protective device retrofit, documentation, power system analysis, and so on.

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