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ME2C offers industry-leading expertise in mercury air emissions for every customer’s unique application. We finely tune the combustion chemistry using our SEA technology and specially formulated ME2C products, with a focus on results. This can only be offered with key expertise in the field.

We are constantly innovating and rigorously testing materials and products to condition complex flue gases and to most efficiently capture mercury. We develop products to be adaptive to myriad environments including high-sulfur-content, lower-Btu coals; high-temperature backpasses; low-residence-time environments; and other competing stack gases. We continue to drive innovation for customer needs. All with a goal of guaranteed savings.

Fuel Flexibility

A benefit of our SEA™ technology and our world-class team is to deliver the same level of fuel flexibility to the plant that was expected before mercury emission regulations came to effect. Without the incremental restrictions that typically result from implementation of new regulations, the plant can maximize profitability.

In order to achieve optimal results, ME2C brings mercury emission analytics to the field for its demonstrations as opposed to collecting samples for laboratory analysis, while its advanced team of experts analyzes the entire plant’s performance once compliance testing has begun. ME2C services will deliver a power plant to mercury emission compliance, guaranteed.

Field Analysis and Audit

Armed with cutting-edge expertise and technology, we’re able to offer our customers:

  • Optimal design of the injection strategy and appropriate equipment layout and installation.
  • Assessment of existing systems and suggested improvements.
  • Sorbent optimization using flow modeling for a customized, low-cost plan for each unit.
  • Emission testing for mercury and other trace metals.
  • Assessment and guidance of mercury capture and emissions by our industry-leading team of experts in material handling and mercury control science and technology.
  • Ongoing research toward improved technology for mercury capture and rapid-response scientific support for emission or combustion issues as operations and regulations change.

ME2C field analysis uses a mobile laboratory trailer equipped with a Leeman Cold-Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer and a Milestone DMA-80 analyzer. This technique was recently validated as EPA Method 7473, entitled “Mercury in Solids and Solutions by Thermal Decomposition, Amalgamation, and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry.” In addition to the equipment necessary to do mercury wet-chemistry sampling procedures, several different types of Continuous Mercury Monitors (CMMs) are used, including PS Analytical, Tekran, OhioLumex, and Thermo.

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