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In developed economies, where end-of-life tires (ELT) have posed a significant environmental problem for many years, considerable effort has been devoted to ways in which to collect, recycle, recover, and create alternative fields to re-use them. Some of the ways in which this may be done include retreading and recycling old tires or using them to make tire-derived fuels (TDF).

ELT and Lokman Recycling

  • We collect ELT and store them temporarily in compliance with current laws and regulations.
  • At our own Lokflex Rubber Granule Manufacturing Plant, we give discarded ELT new economic value by transforming them into rubber granules.
  • We supply ELT to factories which are legally allowed to make use of TDF as an alternative energy source.

Our ELT procurement, collection, and recovery activities

Before the introduction of government regulations concerning ELT control in 2008

  • Lokman Recycling became involved in ELT-related operations in 2002.
  • Between 2004 and 2007, Lokman Recycling collected 22,000 tons of ELT.
  • During these years, the company employed four vehicles and ten people in these operations.
  • The company’s activities were confined to the İstanbul and İzmit regions.
  • Lokman Recycling supplied ELT to the Akçansa cement plant for use as a non-conventional fuel.

After the introduction of government regulations concerning ELT control in 2008

  • In 2008, Lokman Recycling collected the 4,000 tons of ELT for which two members of the Tire Industrialists Association (LASDER) had collection responsibilities.
  • Over the last three years, Lokman Recycling has collected 57,000 tons of ELT on behalf LASDER and non-LASDER member tire manufacturers and importers in Turkey. This corresponds to nearly 60% of the 98,000 tons of ELT collected in Turkey during the same period.
  • Lokman Recycling has entered into agreements with thirteen cement plants to supply them with a total of 30,000 tons/year of ELT for use as a non-conventional fuel.
  • Today the company employs 26 vehicles and 58 personnel.
  • Lokman Recycling conducts its operations in six regions and twenty-four of Turkey’s provinces.

Lokman Recycling’s ELT collecting regions

  • İstanbul
  • Trakya / Thrace
  • Doğu Marmara/ Eastern Marmara
  • Batı Ege / Western Aegean
  • İç Anadolu / Central Anatolia
  • Doğu Akdeniz / Eastern Mediterranean

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