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Clean Air Technologies Ltd.

Energy Conservation Services


In our experience most traditional energy audits do not focus on client mission-critical systems. Clean Air Technologies foundations are built on our high level of engineering competency in Critical Air Movement systems; this allows us to produce a multilevel energy audit report to satisfy key stakeholders within your business (Production, Procurement, Engineering and Quality Assurance).

Our primary aims are:
To reduce the Air Movement Systems energy consumption and carbon emissions by :-

  • Auditing energy consumption in critical Cleanroom and Bio-safety facilities.
  • Implement the best balance between regulatory compliance and optimum air delivery efficiency.
  • Implement agreed changes and re-validate to ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to your Standard Operating Procedures is maintained.
  • Produce Report in line with Carbon Reduction Commitment data requirements.

  • Air Movement System Audit Survey (HVAC/AHU)
    • Predict savings utilising our bespoke Energy Audit Standard Operating Processes and Procedures.
    • Identify non-System Invasive Savings.
    • Identify System Invasive Savings including cost of change and project plan.
    • Calculate your capital expenditure payback period based on your current accounting practices.
  • Air Movement System Implementation (HVAC/AHU)
    • Benchmark of environmental / compliance prior to commencement for ISO / GMP validation
    • Carry out modifications
    • Verify predicted costs v actual costs.
    • Re-validate your environment to comply with your ISO classification and Standard Operating Procedures.


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