Energy from Waste and Biomass Services



COWI provides multidisciplinary services for the environmentally sound thermal treatment of combustible waste at waste-to-energy plants and utilisation of the energy in waste and biomass. Waste is no longer something that simply has to be disposed of. It is becoming a useful and valuable energy resource. Our aim is therefore to provide a safe and environmentally sound solution that makes the best possible use of waste.

Thermal treatment facilities/waste-to-energy facilities

The large amount of combustible waste that cannot be recycled due to contamination, cost or handling problems can still be used. This can be done with great benefit and in an environmentally sound way in thermal treatment facilities with energy utilisation.

The energy recovered from thermal treatment of the residual waste produced by one family corresponds e.g. in Denmark to approximately 20% of that same family's consumption of heating and electricity.

Energy from biomass

The increasing focus on climate change calls for new sustainable solutions: Energy from biomass is one of the more realistic ones. Energy production based on straw, wood chips, pellets and other biomass reduces CO2-emission to the atmosphere.

COWI is a leading consultant with complete expertise in energy from biomass and has implemented several successful projects.

Planning, design and project management

COWI can assist in all aspects of the establishment of modern thermal treatment facilities. We provide all services from environmental and economic assessments through procurement to construction supervision and commissioning as well as project management.

We have recently prepared waste-to-energy projects for clients in Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Norway and Malaysia and we also have experience with:

  • Feasibility studies, conceptual design, front-end design, EIA, etc.
  • Planning and design of new waste-to-energy and biomass plants and upgrading of existing plants
  • Upgrading of flue gas cleaning systems
  • Review of alternative treatment technologies (e.g gasification, pyrolysis, liquefaction)
  • Benchmarking of a large number of waste-to-energy facilities
  • Assessment of potential for and benefits from private sector participation (PPP).

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