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CALOR ENERGY specializes in vetting the financial feasibility of renewable energy systems. Our clients need to see the numbers, and are often frustrated by the claims of renewable energy options. They are frustrated by proposals that don’t show the math, and assert unsubstantiated future returns. Calor clients demand to understand the path to fundability, and how to improve the odds of moving a particular renewable energy or waste recovery system from speculative to fundable and insurable. They want to understand the options, the risks, and how to improve the potential return – they want financial sustainability.

At CALOR, we analyze the dollars in and the dollars out; the rate of flow of capital and operating expenses, and the rates of return.  We consider the feedstock supply, the feedstock fees, the property costs, the system expenses, the multiple outputs, and the monetization opportunities.  We consider risk – financial, utility, operational, regulatory, and social.  We know the energy and material balances of each system so we can translate that into dollars in and out.

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