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We at ITT Water & Wastewater do not only construct equipment - we plan them from scratch; according to your individual requirements if necessary. We do not differentiate between simple installations, small special solutions or unique large-scale projects: You always receive a WEDECO solution which suits!

The treatment of water, sewage sludge or cellulose is in most cases an extremely complex process. Many process steps have to be attuned to one another, adapted to local conditions and set to special parameters. Especially in the industrial and municipal scale, the need for individually planned equipment concepts is shown. We at ITT Water & Wastewater have specialised in these tasks.

Individual WEDECO systems, standardised for your process

We have developed our WEDECO UV and ozone systems in such a way that they can be adapted to the most varied of conditions or customer requests. Standardised variants, optional equipment or modular construction allow for such a high degree of individualisation with strict cost control at the same time. We select the ideal solution together with you from an extensive range of configurable types of devices. We have also optimised our production on this principle. Thanks to this, short delivery times and a consistently high quality standard are respected.

More than just equipment construction - project development

Our project engineers know what needs to be done. If necessary, all important steps are planned, drawn, calculated and measured in advance from the idea up to the installation onsite. Interdisciplinary teams work out the projects together according to the focus. Specialised in water treatment, we also realise the most diverse applications, such as ozone oxidation in paper bleaching, in sewage sludge disintegration or for surface treatment. Apart from a high level of training, experience of many years in international project management is our secret to success. In close coordination with you and the accompanying project team, custom-made systems are created, designed and produced in this way, especially for you!

Even beyond the planning phase you can expect more from ITT Water & Wastewater. From the study of new areas of application and the installation right up to the regular maintenance of your WEDECO equipment, ITT employees perform numerous services in a professional manner.

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