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Extensive knowledge of the preparation and treatment of appliances and materials, along with the hands-on experience in EN-PRO’s own recycling installation, form the basis for EN-PRO’s engineering services, including the design and construction of recycling systems. We develop and construct refrigerator recycling systems that respond to market requirements around the world, including in emerging and developing countries, while at the same time complying with the high disposal and recycling standards in Germany.

As part Step I, refrigerant gases and refrigerant oil are completely extracted and separated. CFC refrigerant gas is transported to specialized CFC recycling companies; depending on the degree of purity, the explosive refrigerant gas R600a can also be used as fuel for forklifts.

For the disposal Step I, the following systems are available:

Systems for the treatment of CFC-containing refrigerants and explosive refrigerants (R600a)

  • EN-PRO model PLE

    Extraction and filling system for the treatment of approx. 80 refrigerators/hour

  • EN-PRO model PLE-L
    Extraction and filling system for the treatment of approx. 40 refrigerators/hour

Systems for deep cooling and separating/reclaiming refrigerants

  • EN-PRO model TE

Optional for PLE and PLE-L systems

Drainage systems for appliances with refrigerants containing ammonia (NH3)

  • EN-PRO model NE

For drainage of approx. 30 appliances/hour

EN-PRO’s specially developed method for degassing ammonia-containing refrigerators, Type NE, can treat approximately 30 appliances per hour in a way that is effective and environmentally sound.

In Step II of the disposal process, the refrigerator body is shredded and separated into different material fractions. For this, EN-PRO works together with leading providers of the appropriate shredding facilities.

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