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Environment & Laboratory Services

We supply the following environmental / health & safety products for the detection and analysis of air, noise, dust, heat, gases and meteorological (weather) measurements: Sound Level Meters, Real Time Acoustic Analysers and Noise Dosimeters. Aerosol Monitor for real time dust measurement. Personal Air Sampling Pumps and Accessories for dust, gas and vapour. Asbestos Sampling. Indoor Air Quality Instrumentation. Indoor Heat Stress Temperature and Humidity Monitors. Ambient Particulate and Chemical Pollutant Monitors. Wind Speed and Direction Measuring Systems. Thermohygrographs, Anemometers, Hygrometers, Barometers, Barographs, Rain Gauges, and Recorders, Evaporimeters, Sunshine Recorder, Solarimeter, Thermometers. Automatic Weather Stations.

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