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Environmental Compliance Management


Environmental Compliance Management and Oversight is designed to ensure integration of the customer’s core values and compliant environmental management systems. Our programs include audits, inspections, assessments, issue identification and resolution, and appropriate documentation and tracking. We assist in self-assessments, identify deficiencies, perform data entry, provide issue resolution and remediation, and develop and implement corrective and preventive measures.

PE Group provides offsite waste management facility audits. We review agency files, do site assessments, and review permits, reports and documentation. PE Group will verify financial status of the disposal company and prepare a Facility Use Decision (see page 13) report. PE Group develops, maintains and routinely updates all program documentation. We provide hands-on management of information, records maintenance, annual reviews, recommend program improvements, develop new programs, and provide updates to manuals to ensure compliance with governing regulations and alignment with the customer’s mission.

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