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Environmental Compliance Monitoring Services - Air, Dust, Noise, Stack & Vibration Monitoring

SLP Environmental Consultants is an award winning ASEAN consultancy that provides premium quality environmental, due diligence, site assessment, pollution, waste, water, social, ecology, sustainability and health & safety consulting services throughout South East Asia. We undertake projects throughout Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

SLP Environmental Consultants provide a range of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance monitoring services including i) stack monitoring, ii) indoor air quality monitoring (IAQ); chemical exposure, total and respirable dust exposure, iii) noise and vibration monitoring and iv) solid and liquid hazardous materials and waste management practices auditing and monitoring.

We can design and commission indoor and ambient air quality monitoring programmes to collect data on point source atmospheric emissions such as those associated with manufacturing operations, construction activities, mineral/aggregate extraction operations and waste disposal activities and diffuse sources such as transportation emissions. The data collected during air quality monitoring surveys can be input into computer models to determine the fate and transport characteristics of atmospheric emissions thus enabling health impact assessments to be undertaken for identified vulnerable receptors such as members of local communities.

Where indoor or ambient air quality fails the pertinent health or environmental protection standards SLP can also offer recommendations on the most suitable and cost effective mitigation measures which may include changes to working practices , the utilisation of respiratory protective equipment or the installation of pollution abatement technology.

SLP Environmental also offers our industrial clients solid and liquid waste compliance monitoring services. We can audit a facility to ensure that all hazardous waste streams, whether aqueous or solid, have been appropriately identified, and that all the pertinent regulatory requirements with respect to the registration, transport, storage, handling and disposal of solid and liquids hazardous wastes are being complied with.

SLP Environmental’s management team include Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv), Chartered Scientists (CSci) and Members of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (MCIWEM). Our project experience covers a wide range of sectors, including; real estate, manufacturing, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, waste, transport and telecommunications and our satisfied clients include; private equity investment funds, manufacturers, developers, insurers, lawyers, risk & liability management firms, international environmental consultancies and numerous blue chip corporations.

SLP Environmental Consultants offer Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance Monitoring services throughout South East Asia including: Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

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