Eco Designs India Pvt. Ltd

Eco Designs India Pvt. Ltd

Environmental Design Services


The Environmental division primarily handles all projects related to landfill design, geomembrane installation and effluent treatment plant design. We consult our Clients in selecting the appropriate options in solid waste from concept to completion. As consultants we give complete design and drawing back-up for the work to be executed at site in line with MSW 2000 Rules & Regulations.

Our capabilities are given below but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports for MSW Management
  • Guidance on Segregation of waste, Collection and Transportation vehicles
  • Guidance on correct option for processing of waste
  • Environmental Impact Analysis, siting of Landfill Sites
  • Preliminary data collection and survey.
  • Conceptual plan of Sanitary Landfill (SLF) with consideration to all infrastructure elements.
  • Detailed design of Sanitary landfill, detailed specifications, Landfill gas recovery, Leachate Collection & Treatment.
  • Detailed engineering drawings, Bill of Quantities, Preparation of Tender papers.
  • Periodic supervision during construction, training of personnel.
  • Environmental monitoring, Closure and Post-Closure care, landscaping.
  • Landfill construction QC/QA.

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