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Accurate emissions measurement is key to ensuring compliance with facility-construction and operating permits, as well underlying regulatory requirements. Those same measurements, however, can also be used for performance optimization or to produce baseline or evaluation data. AEREON is a recognized leader in providing state-of-the-art testing services for emissions (available in Australia, Europe and North America).

AEREON manufactures some of the most environmentally responsible equipment in the oil & gas industry. In addition, our in-house testing group, coupled with our North American strategic partner ERTHWRKS, can help ensure that your operation’s air emissions are compliant with all local regulatory requirements.

Solely focused on air-emission testing, the AEREON-ERTHWRKS partnership in the USA provides engineer-supervised services to upstream and midstream oil & gas operations all the way to downstream liquid-loading terminals. Armed with deep expertise in stack testing and emission-measurement requirements and protocols, we can customize our testing services for your specific application. We also offer continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) service, including relative accuracy test audits (RATA) and cylinder gas audits (CGA) that utilize non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and gas chromatography (GC) analysis. In addition to traditional stack testing, AEREON has the capability to do carbon testing for vapor recovery units (VRUs). We adhere strictly to proven EPA, CARB and ASTM test methods and protocols, with a high level of oversight by our team of environmental engineers.

Because AEREON is also a manufacturer of vapor combustors (VCU) and vapor recovery units (VRU), our testing group has the added advantage of deep knowledge about the operation of these critical tools, further enabling you to remain proactively compliant.

Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) Compliance Test -No one knows more about carbon-bed Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs) than AEREON. As the world's largest service provider to the downstream terminal market, we are experts in the VRU testing as well as ongoing maintenance. If AEREON is already providing service to your VRU, it just makes sense to rely on us for your compliance testing as well.

Vapor Combustor Unit (VCU) Compliance Test - Vapor combustors, also known as enclosed flares, enclosed combustors, and thermal oxidizers, are found in a variety of applications and markets. Importantly, if a combustor is not an EPA-approved model it requires periodic compliance tests in addition to Quad-Oa certification tests that are required within 180 days of commissioning. Whether your VCU is deployed in a downstream terminal, in upstream oil & gas production, or in a wastewater or landfill application, count on AEREON for expert compliance testing.

RATA - Relative Accuracy Test Audit - As regulations become tighter and more closely scrutinized, the validity of facility emission data is extremely important. A relative accuracy test audit (RATA) compares data from the facility continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) against independent reference method data. In addition, AEREON will obtain and evaluate daily calibration data to assure that regulatory drift requirements are being met. AEREON follows the latest EPA and state regulations when conducting RATA programs.

Methane Exclusion Measurement - The presence of methane at fuel terminals has become a significant issue in the past five years. AEREON has worked with test-equipment manufacturers and customers to develop a dual-gas RATA approach that is acceptable to the EPA and has been implemented at dozens of gasoline terminals in the US.

CGA - Cylinder Gas Audit - This EPA testing procedure ensures the accuracy of continuous emissions monitoring System (CEMS) data. Known concentrations of specified gases are passed through the CEMS units, and measurements are taken then averaged over a period of time. The measurements must fall within specified margin of error for the device to be considered accurate. If applicable, a CGA can be conducted during three out of four calendar quarters, but no more than three quarters in succession. Then a RATA will be required. The CGA can be completed during the regularly scheduled quarterly Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) by on of AEREON’s qualified field service technicians under the guidance of our testing group. This saves you money, limits your onsite contractors, and -- if there are any faulty components in your CEMS -- our field service technician can do repairs on the spot.

EPA Method 21 - VOC Leak - An EPA air-pollution and public-safety protocol for monitoring volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks to ensure that fugitive emissions are identified and eliminated.

Carbon Performance Testing - To confirm whether carbon bed VRUs are functioning at the proper capacity, it’s essential to take annual carbon bed samples and send them to AEREON for analysis. In our lab, we’ll perform Reference Method ASTM D2862 (Particle Size Distribution) and Reference Method ASTM D5228 (Butane Working Capacity) testing, and prepare a complete report for you, including carbon grading and recommendations. A yearly carbon evaluation is strongly recommended to determine the state of your carbon beds and whether operational adjustments affecting environmental compliance are required, or carbon bed replacements need to be scheduled in the near future.

Glycol Seal Fluid Testing - Proper operation of liquid ring vacuum pumps hinges on the appropriate mixture of glycol and water. If the proportion of these critical fluids is not correct, the pump can heat up or fail. Testing the seal fluid is an important part of any maintenance program and should be performed regularly. AEREON can assist with measuring and documenting to ensure that your seal fluid meets the manufacturer's requirements.

Gas Analysis and Flow Rate Survey from Upstream Oil & Gas Tank Batteries - Appropriate selection and sizing of emission control equipment starts with thorough knowledge and understanding of the site and its unique characteristics. AEREON can prepare and implement a site-specific engineering evaluation program that will measure and document gas quality and flow rates that will assist you with emission estimates and calculations, as well as lay the groundwork for control equipment design.

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