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Environmental Engineering Department Services



The environment department offers consulting and management services to solve environmental problems that arise as a result of human activity. For the treatment of polluted soils and groundwater, NIP,S.A. carries out turnkey projects, in which, apart from characterisation and diagnosis studies, it carries out the design, development, implementation and control of decontamination tasks –cleanup by means of a wide range of specific techniques for every specific problem (controlled natural attenuation, landfarming, biopiles, bioventing, biosparging, dual and selective liquid extraction, vacuum vapour extraction, etc.)

In order to detect and fix lost emissions produced in chemical, oil and other industries, NIP, S.A. carries out the design and deployment of detection and fixing programs for volatile substances (LDAR) according to EPA 21 method. To do this, besides an experienced human team, NIP, S.A develops specific software applications for every single client to optimize program detection.


  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Soil Pollution Studies
  • Air Pollution Studies
  • Noise Pollution Studies
  • LDAR Programs for calculating volatile substances emissions
  • Acoustic pollution studies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Waste
  • Hydrological Forest Restoration
  • Water Quality
  • Water Pollution Study
  • Groundwater control networks
  • Sampling and analysis

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