Construtora Queiroz Galvao

Construtora Queiroz Galvao

Environmental Engineering Services


Vital Engenharia Ambiental was born in 2007, as a result of more than 15 years of operation by the QG Group Environment board, thanks to the know-how acquired on challenges such as rehabilitating degraded areas, projects, implementation, operation of modern Central Waste Treatment Facilities (CWTFs) and other tasks of urban sanitation. According to the evaluation of municipal administrations, one of the citizens’ top priorities is urban cleaning. Increasingly, the population becomes aware that it is essential for hygiene, health, environmental safety and quality of life. To improve these conditions in the cities where Vital operates, the company combines expertise and constant investment in qualification and training of people, technologies and equipment.

From a global view of the needs and characteristics of each municipality, Vital Engenharia Ambiental elaborates complete planning with wide range of services for integrated management of public cleaning.

Today, the market leader company provides services to major cities in various states in different Brazilian regions, assuming the commitment of local authorities with the people’s quality of life. The result is a satisfaction rate of more than 80% among the citizens of the municipalities.

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