ARIA Technologies

ARIA Technologies

Environmental Expertise Services


The ARIA Technologies teams provide studies, advice or expertise for its clients.

The teams of ARIA Technologies realize, since the creation of the company, studies around different problems:

  • Emissions inventory
  • Impact study
  • Outcome Mapping
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Odor evaluation
  • Sizing of chimneys
  • Thermal panache
  • Propagation of Legionella
  • Meteorological survey on factories
  • Continuous supervision system
City and region
  • Structured emissions inventory
  • Calculation of emissions from industry, traffic and natural resources
  • Study of emission reduction scenarios
  • Concentration Mapping
  • 3D modeling and weather forecasting
  • Simulation of chemical reactions in the atmosphere
  • Forecast of air quality at the scale of a city or region
  • Customized development of simulation and forecasting systems
  • Hazard study
  • Mapping the risks of toxic discharges
  • Fire plume
  • Propagation of radioactive products
  • NRBC risk
  • Real time alert system
  • Estimation of the source term by inverse modeling
  • 3D integration of buildings and urban fabric
  • GHG inventory
  • Estimation of emissions by inverse modeling
  • Climate service
  • Extreme event: waves of cold, heat, rain, hurricanes
  • Climatic downhill
  • Forest fires
  • Climatic vulnerability
  • Island of heat
  • GHG-MRV: monitoring, recording and verification of GHG emissions
Renewable energies
  • Wind atlas
  • Micro-siting
  • Measure by lidar
  • Forecast of wind fields for wind farms
  • Prediction of solar radiation potential
expertiseARIA technologies assists its clients with expertise services such as:
  • Third expertise for chronic rejection studies
  • Third expertise on hazard studies
  • Assistance for project management

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