Viridian® Inc., (Viridian)

Environmental Field Services

Vapor Intrusion Assessment, ASTM Vapor Intrusion Standards Expert. Soil Vapor Surveys. Soil Gas Sampling Near Slab
Sub-Slab Soil Gas Sampling. Dry Cleaner Investigations. Indoor Air Sampling. Methane Surveys. Vapor Intrusion. Assessment and Design. Soil and Ground Water. Direct Push Sampling. Excavation Sampling. Monitoring Well and Potable Well Sampling. Remediation Systems O&M. Ground Water Treatment System O&M. In-Situ Soil Remediation System O&M. Air and Water Sampling. Regulatory Reporting. Process Review and System Troubleshooting. Mobile Lab, VOC Analysis by Method 8021. Metals Analysis by XRF. Detect Methane, Hydrocarbons, Other Gases. Detect Tracer/Leak Compounds. Typically Run >40 Analysis per Day. Provides Chemist/Consultant in the Field. Supports Vapor/ Indooor Air Risk Assessment.

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