Impact Ecology

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)/ Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)


Length of time a survey takes is very much dependant upon the site and the type of survey. For instance, an NVC survey is far more time consuming than a scoping survey. In general, surveys follow this procedure: - Stage 1: Scoping study : identifies the major environmental variables from correspondence, Google Earth, a quick drive/walk around. Stage 2: Extended Phase 1 Habitat survey : identifies the major habitats in some detail, allows comments on the value of areas, including potential for protected species. .Stage 3: Protected species surveys/ NVC/ Phase 2 surveys : not always required but where the Stage 2 has identified important areas (for both fauna and flora), a further study can indicate the true value of the area. In the case of protected species, the Stage 3 is often a legal necessity. As a guide, the Stage 2 Extended Habitat Survey may take around 0.6 sq. km. per day to survey, with a write up of around double the survey period, plus around a day for the production of a digital survey map.

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