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GecoSistema Srl

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Service



GECOsistema is specialized in environmental impact studies (EIS) for several categories of works including energy plants, waste incinerators, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, industrial activities, urban transformations, commercial malls and transport infrastructures.

GECOsistema delivers specialized contributions on all aspects of an EIS, as well as full, turn-key services on all aspects of an EIA procedure.

A specialization in environmental modeling enables us to tackle virtually all aspects of a project that require use of quantitative simulation models (air, water and soil pollution, hydrological impacts, thermal impacts of water discharges, vehicular traffic, noise, electromagnetic fields, soil modification etc.).

Within EIS, we provide services related to visual/landscape impacts, thanks to long term collaboration with specialists in landscape architecture.

GECOsistema deals with cumulative impacts through GIS and multicriteria analysis methods, also empowering effective communication of the results of an EIS to the public.

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