Environmental Industrial Audits Service


Hemmera is a senior nationwide provider of environmental assessments and audits. Our teams have provided comprehensive assessments for a broad range of clients, including all levels of government and most industry sectors, from mining, energy, oil and gas, transportation, sand and gravel to forest products.

At Hemmera, we have the depth of skills and experience to support nearly any environmental assessment or audit. We have delivered Environmental Management System Audits, Environmental Compliance Audits, Corrective Action Plans, Environmental Emergency Response Plans, Environmental Site Assessments and site inspections to evaluate best practices.

We understand that every project is unique, and we are capable of assembling teams with the depth of experience and the combined skill-sets that are required. Depending on the scope of the project, our teams can draw on in-house expertise in engineering, site remediation, risk assessment, environmental evaluation, management or remediation, or in the areas of regulatory negotiations, provincial or federal permits and approvals, community or First Nations engagement.

We can provide nearly any environmental consulting service, from basic desktop environmental assessment reviews to full service environmental management of billion-dollar infrastructure developments. Working closely with our clients, we assemble teams with the combination of technical excellence and experience that most effectively addresses their specific needs. We can scale our services to fit nearly any size of project, including the management of large teams with multiple sub-consultants. Our teams can design and facilitate public and First Nations engagement and complete all the required environmental assessment documentation. We can manage any and all negotiations with regulators, and we have extensive experience in presenting projects to stakeholders, and building the support that is essential for success.

We are uniquely skilled in finding optimal solutions that both safeguard the environment and advance economic opportunity.

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