Environmental Management Systems


IBERDROLA has a Global Environmental Management System implemented in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 standard, which was certified in 2006 and it has been renewed in 2012 by the Spanish Standardisation and Certification Association (AENOR) and enables environmental risks to be minimised by improving resource management and optimising investments and costs. The Global Environmental Management System includes the partial certifications existing at the electric power generation stations, both thermoelectric and hydraulic, as well as management of all the facilities of the Networks and Renewable Energies businesses and the more than 200 Company buildings, therefore covering 100% of the following activities: electricity generation, distribution and marketing; gas transport, distribution and marketing; operation and maintenance of combined cycle thermoelectric power plants; and marketing of other products and services related to energy supply and usage in Spain.

This management system affords very positive aspects, including:

  • Minimised environmental risks, thus improving the company's environmental management in line with its commitment to environmental protection.
  • Making the most of synergies between businesses and improving internal tools that simplify the procedures.
  • Improved training and greater awareness of environmental matters among the employees.
  • Improved environmental training for suppliers.
  • Strengthening of the external image.
  • Improved perception among investment analysts as a socially responsible company.

This Global System defines the Environmental Guidelines, which align the environmental management activities carried out by the businesses with the Company's strategy. These Guidelines have been deployed throughout IBERDROLA as environmental goals and targets, including the allocation of responsibilities, resources and deadlines, and are as follows:

  1. To improve the compatibility of IBERDROLA’s infrastructures with the environment.
  2. To improve the performance of the global emission and spill indicators.
  3. To improve waste control and management.
  4. To increase efficiency and energy saving.
  5. To reduce natural resource usage and boost the use of more environmentally-friendly resources.
  6. To foster dialogue with the stakeholder groups in line with the Company's vision.

Also IBERDROLA Group has Environmental Management Systems (EMS) specific to the businesses, based on the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 and EMAS standard, distributed and implemented throughout much of their organizations, what are allowing for a reduction in environmental risks, improvement in the management of resources, and optimisation of investments and costs.

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