Environmental Monitoring Service


For virtually any significant project, permitting and regulatory approval can require the monitoring of the land, water, and air, and the life-forms in it. Hemmera’s experience and expertise in environmental monitoring can accelerate project schedules and cut costs. We understand environmental compliance requirements and regulatory expectations, and we are skilled at effectively addressing the issues that are most critical to regulators.

Whether monitoring needs relate to construction, assessments, approvals or permits—we have the breadth of services and skills to steer the largest projects through all levels of environmental compliance, including municipal, provincial and federal including requirements.

We have earned a reputation as responsive to our clients’ needs, while maintaining strong relationships with regulators. The result is a constructive working relationship, and the assurance that the project receives the most appropriate, effective solutions.

Our team has expertise in fish, wildlife (large mammals, birds, bats and amphibians), hydrology, engineering, remediation, geosciences, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. We are experienced in urban, rural and wilderness locations and can provide full-service environmental monitoring including on-site staff and automated remote monitoring devices.

At Hemmera, we can provide nearly any environmental consulting service, from basic desktop environmental assessment reviews to full service environmental management of billion-dollar infrastructure developments. We can scale our services to fit nearly any size of project, including the management of large teams with multiple sub-consultants. Working closely with our clients, we assemble teams with the combination of technical excellence and experience that most effectively addresses their specific needs. We can manage any and all negotiations with regulators, and we have extensive experience in presenting projects to stakeholders, and building the support that is essential for success.

We are uniquely skilled in finding optimal solutions that both safeguard the environment and advance economic opportunity.

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